Ya Ya You Is Welcome

Sunday, February 27, 2005

So this weekend was exactly what I needed to feel better. It was a perfect weekend and I really couldn't ask for more. This past week has been a little rough. I've just been feeling sad, homesick, and SICK of Purchase. I knew I needed a break from this scene when I broke down crying in a pile of clothes on the phone with Sarah and then again, curled up in a ball completely submerged in my sleeping bag, all while Rachel is in the room. Heh. It was really dramatic.

One thing that was good however was that I was looking forward to my friend Siroun's visit. A dear Armenian friend of mine who I met through camp friends. So I kick started the weekend with the OC at Lucy's. Beyond the fact that it was a good episode and that I was back to where the OC is watched best, Eileen was watching it with us. Her presence was quite the added bonus to the evening.

A quick comment on the OC:

So as happy as I was about the Sandy/Rebecca hook up because of my strong distaste for Kirsten, I still think they should be together. I mean I was disappointed in Sandy when all this started, but I didn't have any expectations for the guy when he lied about Rebecca and where she was staying. All in all I'm happy the bitch is gone.

I'm not really one who's turned on by lesbians. My turn ons go far and wide from porns and lesbians. With that said, I think the Marissa/Alex lesbian action is undeniably sexy. More power to them!

Seth is now one of my favorite characters. My initial impression of him was one of a pussy little bitch. He annoyed me in the same way Ross from friends annoys me. Anyway, he's grown on me, what can I say? And after seeing Ryan sopping wet from all that rain down in Orange County, C.A. it made him one of my favorite characters too.

I'm happy Summer and... What was that guy's name? ... I forgot it. Whatever, I'm so happy Seth and Summer are back together.

I think Ryan Marissa and Alex all need to get in the shower together, with clothes on, and then take each other's wet clothes off and have and threesome in the shower. But that's just my personal opinion.

After the OC I went to meet my sister, brother in law, Oliver, a former boss of their's, and the boss's friends at Steak-Frites. I had myself an apple tart with a scoop of caramel Ice cream. The dessert was great and the dinner was just a splendid time. I then spent the night at Aida's. The next day we woked up and watched Dawson's creek and headed into the city for our day of boot shopping. I bought a pair of combat boots, with zippers up the side. They feel kinda wierd now, but I wear them a lot to break them in. I'm sure they'll be perfect within a month.

Later that evening, I met up with my friend Siroun from Boston. We smoked a joint by the New York City Post Office and proceded to the Downtime after and hour spent at Dunkin Donuts. We saw her boyfriend spin at the club. DJ Illogix is his name, and he plays with this guy named JCO. Most of the other bands sucked. It was like a harder Linkin Park. It sucked pretty bad. But the alcohol was nice. We each got a double shot of Patron, and I got a gin and tonic. Siroun got a Gin and Jack. Then there was free beer from 11:00 -11:45PM and 2:00-2:45AM. Let's just say it was a pretty good night.

We spent the night in Queens and then came back to Purchase the next day. All of Saturday was spent aquainting Siroun with SUNY Purchase. She Met a large chunk of my friends. After a couple failed attempts at going to parties, and pints of Hard cranberry Lemondae and Smirnoff Ice, we came back to my room to drink the pints of heinekens we had (they are nowhere near finished).

It's now 8 in the morning. I've been up since 5:40. I put on some interpol at like 7 AM. I think it's like some of the best music to listen to at sunrise. And that's what initially made me want to start this journal entry. I wanted to comment on how fitting I felt the music to be. So I guess I'll end it on that note.

Good Morning world.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

So lets see if Ani can even REMEMBER how her weekend has gone. Thrusday night started with a viewing of the OC. First of all, I think I'm the only one that thinks it's awesome that Sandy and Rebecca kissed, It was an asshole move and I was definitely shocked by it, but i fucking hate his current wife so goddamn much. Seth Cohen is a winy little wimp pussy bitch, If you like a girl you tell her straight up, you don't do it using a comic book presentation pitch. And well the much expected lesbian kissing scene. it was great except for the dumb meathead reactions i endured watching it. Seriously, these boys acted like they just felt their first erections. I missed watching the OC at Lucy's, I felt a strong void while watching it this week and might have to start making the OC a weekly thursday tradition, if of course the party allows it.

Afterthe OC as Julia and I were shunned for most of the evening by our lovely friends, smoked the fuck out of her room. Then everyone had piled into julia's room. I personally have been growing increasingly weary of hanging out with our usual crowd, so I partied hearty int he room next door playing flip cup with 6 people. That was my first time playing and by gosh did I have a smashing time.

Now the reason there has been all this weariness has been essentially due to this dumb bitch who goes by the name of Kaitlyn. She has stolen my roomate. Rachel just doesn't seem to want to hang out with me and do all of our fun little roomate things that we used to do. I feel like a real distance from her and it's upsetting. So Kaitlyn, a girl I was never too fond of to begin with, is now everywhere with us, all the time. The only reason I don't really enjoy her company is mostly because whenever we are together she and Rachel are off conversing with eachother. Kaitlyn also has the tendency to grab people, like my roomate it in a room full of people and just whisper and be real secretive, and I perosnally find that offensive on so many levels.

Anyway so that was thursday night. Friday night started with a gin and tonic with my dear friend Adam and his friend Mike, from whom i bought 2 tabs of acid. the rest of the evening was followed by Goldschlagger shots and swigs of Rum with Brendan and Bridget, shooting a drunken game of pool (me losing, by the way, 2 games of cut throat). The evening was capped with a failed attempt by Brendan to have a threesome with Bridget and myself, and then me remembering how much fun brendan was and wishing to death that I had taken advantage of the opportunity called brendan when I could have had him. But it was alright. It was nice making out with him again.

Saturday, and Saterday was pretty much a waste. It was composed of laundry, and "Love Actually", a bowl, some Rum, shitty music at the student center, another bowl and my falling asleep to "Too Wong Fu Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" (that drag queen movie with Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo) with Shannon and Kelsey.

So I come away from the weekend with some nice face time with Brendan, a trip to Argentina pretty much solidated, and 2 tabs of Acid. I think it was a pretty successful weekend.

Monday, February 07, 2005

So... Things haven't been too shabby in my world. This campus has been blowing up. Since we've been back everyone has just been very excited and ahppy to see each other and it's really been anon stop party. Last week I spent the majority of the evenings wasted. I've never had so much fun drinking before and it's even worn me out a little So I need a break from the drinking. Pot is such a comfortable alternative.

The past few Thursday evening's I've spent in the company of my favorite people of ALL of 9th street (Lucy and Danny) drinking vodka tonics, awaiting some lesbian action on the OC, seeing RANA, and pigging out. I was truely blown away by RANA's sound and how delicious their sets have been. When they start off they usually play these OK songs, nothing too instrumentally impressing but as the front lights turn off and the band is silhouetted the guitarists started belt out these insane riffs and I was completely in awe of their sound.

Other than that Circus Skills has been getting much better. I was able to do the forward rolls with much ease this morning without any returning back pains and the devils sticks are the SHIT. All my other classes are just oodles of fun and learning.

The new years resolution hasn't been going as smoothly as I had planned. My weaknesses have been returning and I'm just starting to miss him. I'm not so much getting upset over him but he's constantly riding my thoughts. My heart just melts when I think of him. I've spoken to him twice though and the conversations have gone over quite smoothly. I still can't seem to just drop the idea of us being together. And I find myself daydreaming anytime I am in the city that he is going to appear out of nowhere, hold me in his arms and kiss me, but we all know that won't be happening. I just want him back. I keep wishing that he'll come to his senses and realize how shitty his life will be without me. BUT again, we all know that's not happening. "I need you back, i need you here, to take away all of my pain, and then my fears! HEY! I need you back."


I'm in high spirits though, I'm in no emotional wreck. Life's good and I can't complain.