Ya Ya You Is Welcome

Friday, April 29, 2005

I need to start feeding my mind. I feel kinda boring. I don't do much. I feel like this summer is going to be very productive. I was thinking If I go for Photography I can just transfer to FIT. Who knows.

Even though I haven't been productive, in a large sense, i feel like i've figured big things out. Career paths. I have thought a lot of big picture stuff. I've been doing hard work i think, especially now towards the end of the semester. I'm going to Ace everything!

See, that sort of envigorating power has definitely been running through my veins.

I've been thinking about Rob a lot lately. Again... i was watching Amelie and towards the end that second to last scene of complete silence between Amelie and Nino when they finally met. They kissed each others eyes. I'd never had anyone before Rob kiss my eyes before and believe me when I say I wept like baby. I also started writing in the journal I wrote in french in. Much was said about Rob in that journal during the heat of all of the events. And I truely honestly just miss and that's what it boils down to.

Life just bounces back and forth a lot. AGH! I dunno I'm just sick of Being in school I want to redo my room at home and make it awesome, I want to forget about all the work and all the schoolrwork i have to do. I wish I was doing better work.

I'm gonna go clean my room bye

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So you'd think Circus Skills is a nutty enough class where things would cease to be really surprising and the lack of normalcy is something you'd get used to this far into the semester. That does not seem to be the case. Yesterday morning in class we're doing our usualy laying around the mat waiting for Mark to give us the cue to start warming up. One of the regular students comes in with his wife beater and we all notice this mark on the inside of his arm. We don't really think much of it and plainly asked him what happened.

"I... I had to fight a posession last night!" he replied, very matter of fact.

"A posession ey? waht do you mean by that?" someone from one end of the room asks.

"My girlfriend was posessed by her ex-boyfriend who killed himself last night, and he bit me."

"WHAT?" 5 people say simulataneously

"Yea I know it sucks, I'm sorta used to it by now."

I don't really have much else to say about that.


I've been eating Skittles for quite some time now and I've never fully understood the whole "Taste the rainbow" thing. Sunday night all that changed. I started eating Skittles in a different way. This consumtion method was inspired by Yomna, a ritual as sacred to her as praying 5 times a day. She pours a bunch of Skittles into her mouth and proceeds to suck of the balls of flavor until it all molds into a colorful ball that looks like a mosaic style painted easter egg. She proceeds to suck, I assume until the entire ball dissintegrates in her mouth. So Sunday night in the midst of my silly kind bud high with Julia and Sam I mimiced this process, pulling the ball out and admiring it every once in a while until my patience had wore thin and I just wanted the Skittles to be well on it's way to digestion. So I started to chew. Everytime my jaws clenched It was as if more and more skittles juices were produced and my mouth was overwhlemed by the lime-orange-grape-cherry-lemon artificial flavoring. As i was sitting wide eyed and astonished by the immense flavor in my mouth the room started changing colors. With every chew it was as if I was staring through a different colored filter matching the colors of the Skittles. And then it occured to me... I FINALLY TASTED THE RAINBOW!

Friday, April 01, 2005


It's amazing the things a little sunshine can do to people. Tuesday was one of the single most beautiful days in a long time. In one day SUNY Purchase transformed from what seemed to be a cold baren construction of bricks into a lively jungle-like celebration in the village. Everyone was compelled to end their hibernation and go out side whether it was to lay they undesired posessions to be sold or joign the drum circle taking place below the marketplace in the green grass. The drum circles are a common occurence here are Purchase but on this day it was more special. Among about 10 drums there were garbage cans, trumpets, trombones, dijeridooes, cowbells, and much much more. Around them were a team of dancers that would either dance sporadically or form into a conga line. This went on from about 11-5 PM. It was nice to see the campus come to life.

I went to Argentina which was pretty awesome. Being back has been a hard thing to adjust to. I felt like I went through all these amazing things and am now just thrown right back into this same routine lifestyle here at purchase. I feel like I experienced an alternate way of living and was by force shoved back into a more undesirable one. Argentina was a special trip cause I got to see waht it's like to be South American Armenian. I know what it's like to be American Armenian. But it was interesting how the South American's managed living in a society so rich in their own music and dance and culture and being able to mantain the Armenian Culture. It made me also realize that there are a lot more Armenian's out there in the world. It made me feel like we could even more strengthen the Armenian bond on an international level. There's a lot more but this is what is sticking out in my head. I dunno Argentina was the best thing that could've happened after my trip on acid.

The feeling I came away with after acid was one of being in total control. It was as if I had the world in the palm of my hand and had complete control over it's fate. I felt really independent and suddnely felt like I had the power to accomplish everything. I realized how great my life was and how I needed to stop worrying so much. I just felt like everything was going to be ok. I even cried thinking about it on the plane. about how true for the first time that statement was to me. Othen than that everything else seemed kinda hard to get a full understanding of anything else I experienced. More becuase I think everyone around me experienced it differently. Again I don't feel like I gained a full understanding of it all. I just want to do it again.

I realized I'm really indifferent about weed. I don't feel like I have a stron attachement or dettachement from it. I think I'm just really indifferent about being high. I guess that mean it's losing it's novelty. As far as drugs are concerned liek psychadelics. I was thinking the other day that I find nothing unhealthy about them. Honetely I feel like they are just an alternate universe Open for me to explore. Another world i have just as much to learn from as this current world. Just a quick thought I had that i should share.