Ya Ya You Is Welcome

Monday, June 27, 2005

So this weekend I was graced with the opportunity to go to WoodCOCK and see all those dirty Purchase peep HIPPIES! it was a really good weekend. What was best about the weekend was being able to share a room with Rachel again, I missed her soo much and it was nice to be in her space. The other best thing was my being able to surprise Alima the way I did. I'm usually really bad at surprising people becuase whenever i plan to do it I always let my excitement get in the way of things and well since this was an unintentional surprise i guess i have nothing to brag about. Regardless it was fun to surprise someone. Good pot, good people, good food, what more could I ask for? Nothing my friends, NOTHING.

Other than that the major concern for at least the first half of the week is what drugs should Ani do for David Byrne Wednesday night? Got any suggestions? Post em up

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just when i feel like i've made progress I've gotta go and take a few steps backwards. I hung out with Rob. God I'm sick of feeling embarassed to even mention his name. I feel very stupid, i feel like i'm doing all of this to myself and not doing a goddamn thing to help myself.and for that I feel stupid. I just don't want fall semester to begin and for me to still be feeling this way. But I've got to be honest I've got some crazy summer fever going on here and what i really need is to find me one hott ass guy and stop using Rob as filler until I find it, ya know? Fortunately the negativity brought about by this situation is easily cured by either say watching the Pistons win game six with Danny or sitting outside Jones Beach listening to the Doors play with Julia, Stef and their crazy hippie friends!

Since my last blog I went to Montreal, which was like the best little trip i could've taken, it was a lot of fun to wander through a completely foreign country all by myself, using my knowlege and incredible send of direction to get around. I went from Mount Royal to Place Des Arts to McGill to Chinatown to Vieux-Montreal! I need to spend a semester in Quebec! I dunno what I loved most about Montreal. It could've been the fact that i ran into 2 people lighting up on the street or it could just be that all the people are just cool, hip and HOTT. It's just a happening city. On top of all of that I got to see Charles Aznavour live in CONCERT! It was really exciting. I've been sucked into his music along With Edith Piaf and Mireille Mathieu.

My parents are going to France in July and as excited I am for them I think they should be more excited for me! Enough said...

Happy summer everyone!