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Friday, February 10, 2006

Portfolio Review

Well today is a major day, as it marks the day I conquered one of my biggest fears. Having my work judged by someone with credibility.

I'm in the process of applying to the photo program here at Purchase. The School of Art and Design here is one of the most comeptetive in the country and their program is world renowned. Today was the first step in. First of all the reviewer was my photography teacher from this semester. So I immediatly lost half my anxiety and realized "great I can just sit down and talk to my teacher about my work". He had nothing but positive things to say. He seemed to like my work very much and said that I was approaching this with the right attitude. He said that he would recommend me and that if by any chance I don't get in that I should let him know.

I doubted myself for so long. I felt so immature with my photography. I felt like a stupid little girl who went around taking shots of things. And it was such a personal experience for me that I was too afraid to make it out in the open and really do it even though i would make all these grand statements in high school about how i was gonna go to an art school and study photography. It feels so good to take a step towards that direction, towards that dream.

The lesson of the day "If you lose your dreams, you lose your mind"


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