Ya Ya You Is Welcome

Monday, March 13, 2006


So i'm on spring break right now. All my plans pretty much fell through for spring break but i made up for it by going to Montreal. the week started out on a good note with an acceptance letter to the School of Art Design and solid plans to go see George Clinton and then the next day fly out to chicago to see a friend i haven't seen in 4 years. By thursday spring break plans fell through for both things and i just up and went to Montreal with Brendan Dave and Brendan's friend Caroline. So far it's been an awesome trip. we've been staying in the Latin quarter going to hooka bars, eating great food and smoking herb. I've spent quite a bit of money. I've bought a 40 dollar hooka as well as 50 dollars worth of books. plus food and hotel... oh man i don't even want to think about it. I've just been really getting dirty in Montreal in ways i wasn't able to the last time i was here. It's been ultra cleansing. I also like to go out alone cause for some reason i feel more comfortable using my french when i'm alone. i guess that's becasue i have to. but it's great. I feel awesome even though it's been raining, it hasn't been cold so that makes this trip better.

alright well i'm off seen as though i only have like 25 minutes left on the internet.
It feels good not to be in armerica.